Linda McMahan

transformational bodywork

Welcome to your self-mastery discovery of the body/soul connection!

I am committed to enhancing people’s quality of life by bridging the alternative and the mainstream, the sacred and the ordinary. I am committed to being present and doing my best for each person. Our bodies experience and hold on to sadness, anxiety, stress and fear created by past experiences as far back as childhood. These tensions create pain and a disconnection from our True Self. Reducing the pain with drugs does not get at the root cause. Our bodies scream for attention, and we often fail to listen.

Working with the vibrations and energies of the body through massage and other energy techniques has worked wonders with many people to release their past unconscious beliefs, addictive patterns of thought, and emotional wounds. You, too, can begin to let go of the patterns and unfinished business of the past to gain a fresh start at living joyfully in the Present Moment. Perhaps you have already had glimpses of the potential beauty of life during meditation, a walk in the park or in a child’s laughter.

Linda McMahan, LMT, CAP

Linda McMahan brings her warmth to the healing arts with 23 years of client service and experience. She creates a space of safety with an environment that is warm and peaceful, surrounded by colors, sounds and aromas that facilitate each session.

Linda uses a variety of techniques and vibration, leading to better vitality, ease, balance and flow in daily living. Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Arvigo Spiritual Healing, Arvigo Advanced Pregnancy, Swedish massage, Trager Technique, Cranio Sacral technique, Reiki III, Acutonics Sound Healing, Esalen style massage, magnetics, crystal bowls, cold stones, and chair massage are the mastered modalities a client may experience in their sessions with Linda.